Registrations for Robotix 2019

Registration for ROBOTIX 2019 are now open.

For all the event details of Robotix 2019, visit: Robotix 2019 - Events.

Note: All Team members are required to register at the Kshitij website before team formation. One of the team members should act as captain and invite all other members to his team from the Events section as explained below. The other members register in the events to join the team from their own Kshitij accounts. Only the captain can dismantle the entire team while individual members may leave the team anytime. The captain is also known as the leader at some places.

For Registrations:
  • Visit Kshitij website:

  • Register on the website by clicking SIGNUP at the bottom of the home page after entering the site.

  • Fill in all the details.

  • Now you will need to login to your account using the email and password.

  • After logging in, click on EVENTS in the menu at the top right corner.

  • Now scroll down until you find the option ROBOTICS.

  • Select the event among ZENITH, Autonomous Event and CRUSADE which you want to register for.
  • Locate the register option on the right. A message appears saying that you have successsfully registered for the event.

  • Now you have to form a team. For this select the option MYKTJ at the homescreen and select the event among the dropdown list.

  • After selecting the event, enter the e-mail ids of your team members.

Note: You can only form a team with someone who has registered in the event. Else, you will get a message saying that the email of the participant has not registered in the event.

  • After the team has been successfully registered, both the team captain and the team members will see the event with the registered team in the MYKTJ section of the homescreen of their ktj accounts.

For further queries, you can contact:

Shubhika Garg


Ph. no: +91 7478074111