10 things to look out for in Robotix 2016

Things to keep you prepared and updated

With less than a month left for the annual Robotix festival, Team Robotix presents to you 10 things to keep yourself prepared and updated with Robotix 2016.

New and exciting events

This year we present to you 5 events with all unique and exciting problem statements.


This Robotix edition will see one of its kind Manual, Autonomous, Semi Autonomous and Computer Vision events. In Manual category we have Summit and Droid Blitz. Warehouse in Semi-Autonomous, Sherlock in Autonomous and S.H.E.L.D.O.N in Computer Vision.

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Event discussion forums

To provide the participants with any help regarding that event.

Events Forums

Join the groups and find all the event related resources available there. From event PS to rules, tutorials, etc. Post any event specific doubts and we will be happy to clear them for you.

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Droid Blitz

Robotics Tutorials

Enthusiastic about robotics! You belong here.


We provide you with numerous tutorials, starting right from the very basics of robotics. Categorized under several headings like autonomous, manual, image processing etc. they are sure to embark you upon this wonderful journey into the world of robotics, successfully.

Event Tutorials

The single best thing to ensure successful participation.

Event Tutorials

We provide detailed tutorials for each event that will guide you step by step to learn and build the robot for that event and participate in ROBOTIX 2016.

Quick links:
S.H.E.L.D.O.N. Tutorial
Sherlock Tutorial
Warehouse Tutorial
Summit Tutorial

Kshitij Website

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In order to participate you will have to register for the events.
Visit ktj.in and register for all the events. Read our accompanying blog post for more details.


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