Robotix Student Executive

Technology Robotix Society, IIT Kharagpur, has long been a frontrunner for robotics in the country. Now, it is reaching out to students all across India, to include them in the fray and further the development of the culture of robotics in the nation. TRS is looking for dynamic individuals to fill the coveted Robotix Student Executive posts and take technical exposure in the country to ever greater heights.

Who is an RSE?

Robotix Student Executives, are representatives of Team Robotix among their fellow college-goers in their respective regions. The post has been introduced with a view to increasing and enriching the interaction with the participants for our annual fest ROBOTIX.

RSEs are responsible for being our point of contact with the particular college, as well as for aiding our communication and interaction regarding events, tutorials, workshops and other activities there. They would help us organize workshops in their colleges and their cities, promote the events of ROBOTIX-2016 and provide assistance to those planning to participate. RSEs get to be an extended part of this unique team and receive a certificate from Robotix, as well as exclusive Robotix merchandise. During their tenure there is also regular communication with the team for ideas and opinions on how to move forward. The tenure of an RSE is of one year and valid till May, 2016. His job profile consists of both technical and managerial tasks where he is presented with an opportunity to learn as well as to help his co students and fellow tech-men along in the journey of robotics.

How to register for RSE?

Interested candidates can fill this form to register.

What does an RSE do?

The job roles of an RSE are varied and interesting. An RSE works in close contact with TRS to perform the following duties.

  • They are responsible for organising robotics workshops and seminars in their respective colleges and cities.
  • They associate with Robotix and publicise and inform the general public about the events conducted at Robotix every year.
  • They link closely with Robotix conducted at IIT Kharagpur during Kshitij every year and play an integral role in its success.

Why become an RSE?

An RSE works in close contact with some of the best roboticists the country has to offer. This, along with the chance to interact with students from colleges all across his city makes a potent combination of incentives for anyone looking to rake himself above his competition.

What are the benefits of being an RSE?

  • Exclusive Robotix Merchandise
  • Certification from Technology Robotix Society
  • The tag itself, and the reputation that comes with holding such a valued position.