Component List

Hey Participant,

Thanks for showing your interest in the event B.R.I.C.K.S.

This is the component list you will require for the event B.R.I.C.K.S. The components list is divided into two categories:

  • Ones which you will get in the IIT Kharagpur campus.
  • Ones which you will have to order online

This is the list of components that you will get from Choudhary Electronics(9434415812), Tech Market, IIT KGP.

Component No. of units
Motor(100 RPM) 2
Motor(30 RPM) 1
Rack and Pinion 1
Motor Driver(L293DE) 2
Potentiometer(5K) 1
7-Segment LED 1
Arduino Uno 1
Jumper Wires 30
Power Adapter(12V, 2A) 1
Bluetooth Module(HC-05) 1

Metal chassis can be bought from Choudhary electronics. But it is recommended to get a custom chassis made from a carpenter.

The most important component to participate in this event is the force sensitive resistor (FSR). Here is the link for the component to order it online.

For participants from IIT Kharagpur:-

We are also planning to order it in bulk through Choudhary electronics so that it comes as soon as possible. Hence if you are interested please immediately call the number given below.

Manash Pratim Das
Phone Number

+91 9933890509