Bomb Disposal FAQs

Q: What is the maximum dimension of the bot during the run? Is there any fixed limitation or can we extend the length to any extent as we wish?

Robot should fit into a cubical box of side 30 cm . No part/mechanism of/on
the bot should exceed the given dimensions before the commencement of the event.
However the dimensions can change during the course of the run. 

Q: Is it necessary that the actual bot made has to tally with the mechanical design submitted?

It is not neccessary that the two designs tally. BUt in case the team has
won the best mechanical design contest.

Q: Even after taking the bomb outside of city limits, do we still have to diffuse it?

After taking the bomb outside the city limits, you have to diffuse it to
prevent it from exploding. If the bomb explodes in the safe zone, it will still
have negative points however it will be much lesser than what it will get when
it blasts within the city limits.

Q: What does base score mean?

Base score is the minimum points given to each team at the beginning of the
event. The points to be given will be decided by Team Robotix and will be non

Q: Minimum time limit for a bomb to blast?

The minimum time limit for a bomb to blast is 1 minute. 

Q: What is the orientation of wires on block? (vertical/horizontal/oblique)

Parallel to the sides.

Q: 2 members can control the robot – for each round or can other members swap during ongoing round itself?

Members cannot swap during ongoing rounds. They can  swap in between the
successive rounds.

Q: In scoring formula what is ‘t’?

‘t’ stands for the number of seconds left.

Q: Is there any limit on rpm of motors used?

There is no limit on the rpm of the motors used.

Q: Is there any penalty if the tank is pushed on ground?

If the tank falls down on the ground then it will be considered as an
explosion. Pushing or dragging of any object is not allowed and if found to do
so negative points will be awarded. 

Q: Is there any sample video of working bot in arena?

There is a video of a prototype robot on a sample arena. It can be found on
our Youtube page.

Q: Are there any marks on bot presentation or look?

There are no bonus points for the presentation of the robot. 

Q: Can servo motors be used in the bot?

Yes, it can be used.

Q: Can we make changes in the bot during the event?

Only if you have taken a restart or a timeout.

Q: Can we repair the bot if it gets damaged during the event?

Repairs to the bot can be made during the timeout. If the repair will take a
long time then the participant must take a restart. Penalties will be levied in
both cases.