Semi Autonomous Event

Problem Statement

Make a semi-autonomous bot capable of detecting and removing virus from the cell in the maze after opening them if asked to.


  • IR-LED detection

  • IR transmission

  • Picking, Storing and Dropping

General Description and Event Setup

  • There will be cubical blocks of four different colours.

  • The robot has to identify the desired sequence of the block by means of colour detection, while traversing across the arena using line following traversal algorithm.

  • The robot will then pick a block from the main stack and identify its colour.

  • The robot has to use the side stacks for the intermediate steps involved, in order to achieve a particular sequence, given in advance by Team ROBOTIX.



Round 1
  • The bot has to travel in a maze to detect virus. It has to go in front of the door to check for the virus.

  • The door would be installed with an array of IR-LEDs. The bot has to read the LED on the door and accordingly open the door to get inside the cell.

  • The LED array will inform the bot to open the door or not and pick up the virus or not.

  • The bot has to open the door by transmitting an hex coded IR-LED key.

  • The bot then has to pick up a block signifying virus and store it. Then it has to deposit the virus in a given area.

Round 2
  • This round will consist of timed door and dummy block.

  • For dummy block the job will be to get inside the room and switch off the LED array.

  • For normal blocks, the LED array should be switched off after picking the block.

  • To switch off the LEDs the bot has to push the button inside the room. A beep will indicate the switch.

  • The bot has to close the door after picking up the virus by transmitting a key again.

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