Registrations Now Open for Robotix 2016!

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NOTE: All Team members are required to register at the Kshitij website before team formation. One of the team members should act as captain and invite all other members to his team from the Team Management section as explained below. The other members should accept the invitation to join the team from their own Kshitij accounts. Only the captain can dismantle the entire team while individual members may leave the team anytime.

For registrations:

  • Visit Kshitij website:

  • Register on the website by clicking ‘SIGN UP’ at the bottom of the home page after entering the site.


  • Fill in all the details.


  • A window confirming registration will appear.


  • Click on Login at the bottom.


  • Fill in your Username and Password and click Sign In.


  • Now, click on the MYKTJ at the bottom . Your profile page will be displayed on the screen.


  • Your MyKTJ account will look like this:


  • Click on Manage Teams


  • In the Event Registration tab, from a dropdown menu select the events you want to register for, one-by-one, and click register.


  • The event will be marked green in the drop down after successful registration.


  • In the ‘Team Formation’ tab, select the event you want to form a team for and click ‘Create Team’. Click ‘OK’ on the dialog box that appears.


  • Find the team member you want to add from the search field. The member you are searching for should also have registered.


  • Click on ‘Add Member’ to add that person to your team. An invite is sent to that person. At any point if you want to dismantle the team and create a new one, just click on the ‘Dismantle Team’ button on the right.


  • Following window appears for every member invited successfully.


  • You can check your invitations and pending requests from other users in the ‘Manage Invitations’ tab.


  • The user who the invite was sent to will have to accept the invite from his own MyKTJ page -> Manage Invitations tab.

  • The person who has sent the invite can now see the member in the Team Management section.

  • The person who was sent the invite and accepted it can now see himself as part of the team in Team Membership section.

For any further queries , you can contact

Apoorva Sharma - +91-9800105345

Email Id -

Aditya Narayan - +91-8609283200

Email Id -