ROBOCOP: Back to the Future


Robocop, the Image Processing (IP) category event of Robotix 2011 was the first of its kind ever. The robots were required to be the judges of colour coded character, marked to be good (green)and bad (red). It required intricate programming and some teams even used stereovision camera feeds. Trivia: One of the participating ‘robocops’ was so ac... continue reading

R.A.F.T : A Revisit


RAFT was one of the most successful mechanical events in Robotix 2011. Receiving participation from robot lovers all over the country, this event was one of a kind. Based on a practical and industry derived problem statement, the simplicity yet the unique nature of the event received wide acceptance. First years from IIT Kharagpur also showed de... continue reading

Pirate Bay : A Look Back


Pirate Bay was one of the eye-catching mechanical events of Robotix 2011. Introducing the one-of-its-kind concept of digging through rough terrain to extract hidden treasures , it was widely appreciated and a unique spectacle. It, like RAFT and the other events was based on a practical industry related problem statement. Trivia: Pirate Bay was ... continue reading